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Created Gay Magazine featuring news, resources, reviews and devotionals.

CreatedGay.Com. There is no contradiction between being gay and Christian. There is no contradiction between being bisexual and Christian. One can be queer and Christian. Homosexuals and bisexuals do not need to become straight to earn God's love. Trying to earn God's love by trying to change one's sexual orientation is a damaging and evil form of legalism.

Wisdom 11:24 You love everything that exists and hate nothing that you have made; had you hated anything, you would not have formed it. God does not hate you or you would not be created gay, created lesbian, created bisexual or created you queer. Understanding you are created gay is much better than understanding you were just "born this way." Your body is the temple of the living God. God loves you or God would not live in you. Your broken spirit will start to heal when you accept the fact that God loves you and wants you to be just as God created you.

This website is for you if you are:

  • a gay Christian
  • a lesbian Christian
  • a bisexual Christian
  • an asexual Christian
  • a trans Christian
  • an intersex Christian
  • a queer Christian
  • a questioning Christian
  • a straight ally
  • curious
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